From the Cheap Seats: Rhode to Perdition

February 28, 2012

It’s completely unfair, the rap that poor Joe Biden is taking over the release of information that he was planning a visit to “Road Island.”

It’s quite likely that the memo originated with some tyro cutting his teeth in the politics biz after obtaining a law degree from Harvard.  Or maybe Yale.

The memo then likely was passed along to someone who learned Keynesianism in Cambridge and was finally vetted by a supervisor who came oh-so-close to winning a Peabody Award while laboring in the bowels of network television news.

But there is no reason to think that Joe “BFD” Biden knew that the press was about to be informed of his impending visit to Road Island.

There also is no reason to think that Biden wasn’t aware of it, either, just as there is no evidence that he would have known better.

It’s all a big mystery.

Best thing we can do is hope the Veep makes no visits to Secaucus.

Just trying to be helpful.

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