From the Cheap Seats: The Ethics and Integrity of Climate Change

February 23, 2012

Wikipedia reports that Peter Gleick “is a scientist working on issues related to the environment, economic development, international security, and scientific ethics and integrity.”

Wikipedia leaves it to us to determine exactly which side of “scientific ethics and integrity” Glieck stands.

After extensive research, Cheap Seats can now can infer that he’s generally opposed to them.

Gleick, a 2003 MacArthur Fellow “Genius Award” winner, demonstrated that rare genius this week when he confessed to obtaining – under false pretenses – some documents from the Heartland Institute.

Gleick had reportedly hoped to use the nefariously obtained information undermine the institute, a private organization that just happens to question his pet cause, the idea that man is causing global warming.

Of course, according to Gleick, none of it was his fault. It was the fault of those deniers of anthropogenic global warming.  Just like Dillinger’s problem was those darned banks. Jesse James was similarly cursed.

It won’t  be long before the story from Gleick’s pals will be that he did nothing that “deniers” haven’t done, witness the so-called “Climategate” theft of emails from fine bastions of research like Penn State and the University of East Anglia in England.

Someone as observant as Peter Gleick might discern that the Heartland Institute is a private organization while Penn State and the University of East Anglia are public institutions.

Interestingly, Gleick was able to get the documents he sought just by asking (albeit under false pretenses) from the Heartland Institute.  The public institutions, on the other hand, are still fighting requests for information – information that was bought and paid for by the taxpayers on both sides of the pond.

Gee, it’s like they have something to hide.  Unlike the Heartland Institute.


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