From the Cheap Seats: Assad and Pelosi

March 20, 2012

Then-Speaker Pelosi during a 2007 visit to Syria

Nancy Pelosi, friend of the downtrodden, it now is clear, is more comfortable among the upper crust of dictators.

Thanks to evidently just-leaked emails, it appears that Asma al-Assad, aka Ma Assad, wife of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, is a shopper par excellence, and a devotee of gold and diamond jewelry direct from Parisian boutiques.

It was only five years ago that the Assad’s were feting Nancy Pelosi as she was snubbing George W. Bush with a visit to Damascus during the height of the war in Iraq.

Now that the Assads are slaughtering their Syrian subjects like chattel, nary a word about Nancy’s BFFs (or her 2007 trip) is to be heard.  One wonders why.


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