From the Cheap Seats: The Long Arm of the Left

March 2, 2012


Richards and quarry

What was Daniel W. Richards thinking, participating in a fully legal activity in The United States of America?

Richards, something other than a household name, is under fire in California (You saw that coming right?) because he hunted mountain lion in Idaho. Worse, he succeeded, bagging a big cat.  Even worse, he just happens to be the president of the California Fish and Game Commission.  California voters some time ago outlawed the hunting of mountain lion.

It’s a fine – if stupid – thing if Californians want to exercise the hard-won franchise in that manner,  but now some of the geniuses think that they can use California law to proscribe the action of a California resident in another state.

Yup, Democratic legislators are calling for Richards’ head.  Seems that photos of Richards with his quarry made it into publication and the Dems, who can’t be bothered by Lindsey Lohan’s thumbing her nose at state law in California, are horrified.

Don’t think it could happen here?

Colorado voters in a spasm of similar goofiness outlawed the spring bear hunt.

Think Colorado paternalists won’t lurch as far to the left as their California cousins?

Think again.

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