Our View: Bradford’s Departure Welcome News

March 30, 2012

It’s no secret that we have had a pretty bad taste in our mouth here at The Observer about the Laura Bradford drama that dominated the early part of this year’s legislative session.  From the now infamous post-Happy Hour traffic stop to threatening to leave her party over an ethics investigation, the Bradford controversy appears to be drawing to a close.  And that is a good thing.

When we heard yesterday that the representative from Collbran has decided not to seek re-election, we were heartened.  Had she decided to seek nomination, insiders suggest she may very well have been kept off the ballot at this weekend’s party convention by up and comer Jared Wright.

Laura Bradford is a nice lady.  And she sent shockwaves around the state when she upset Speaker-to-be-in-his-own-mind Bernie Buescher in the 2008 election.  However, the scandal that embroiled the lawmaker over the last two months, and her unfortunate, and at times baffling conduct in the aftermath of the initial incident leaves most Republicans relieved that she’ll be heading home to the ranch.

We wish Ms. Bradford and her husband well.

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