Our View: Fake “War on Women” a Cynical Campaign Smokescreen

April 20, 2012


OUR VIEW: Mr. Obama’s contrived “War on Women” has nothing to do with gender equality, and everything to do with political self-preservationMr. Wright / Foter

Enough is enough.  We get it.  The state of our politics dictates that in order to take an activist (or their cause) seriously, one has to inject combat metaphors and hyperbole about war in to any argument. 

To us, this notion of the war on women is just as silly as the so-called war on Christmas.  Turn off MSNBC for a day, go shadow a Marine on the beat in Kabul, and then get back to us about the willy-nilly use of the term.

True to form, the Democrat-controlled Colorado State Senate did its part to open a skirmish line in this wholly contrived gender war, taking up an annual resolution on equal pay that they no doubt hoped would help sell the broader “war on women” narrative.

But Republicans threw them a curveball when Senator Greg Brophy (R-Wray) cleverly offered an amendment regarding recent reports about female staffers at the Obama White House (America’s new branch office for lowest common denominator / Third World-style identity politics) earning significantly less than their male counterparts over in the West Wing.

Brophy’s amendment passed with broad bipartisan support — 15 Republicans and nine Democrats voted for the measure.  Another 11 Democrats — who we can only conclude must be double-agents or undercover GOP collaborators in this so-called “war” — voted against the measure.

Senator Brophy’s delightful rhetorical speedtrap aside, we believe this whole conversation about which party is engaged in a “war on women” says less about the state of gender relations in this country than it does about the abject fear and total desperation that has descended on the Obama White House.

Slaves to poll testing and focus grouping, David Axelrod and his crew in Chicago can be forgiven for doing everything in their power to change the conversation from President Obama’s borderline criminal mismanagement of America’s finances, his failed economic policies and his flaccid and listless foreign policy.

The White House political hacks appears to have come to the conclusion that shameless gender baiting (along with the exploitation of class envy) may be the only remaining tools at their disposal for extending their lease at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for another four years.


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