From The Cheap Seats: Secret Service Scandal

April 24, 2012

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With apologies to Dan Jenkins, it’s a bit difficult to think of President Obama’s Secret Service as the dogged victims of inexorable fate, given especially that the Secret Service’s problems are of the Secret Service’s own making.

To review, sans cheap dog joke (“tough”, as the future president described the taste of Fido jerky, as though he was expecting tender filet of Bowser) the Secret Service was doing some “advance work” in Cartagena, Colombia, in preparation for a presidential visit.

Advance work apparently consisted of scouting out the local population of soiled doves, presumably to make sure that they posed no threat to the prez.

Anyway, this embarrassing little episode has to make one wonder, how often is the Secret Service cruising the nightclubs when it ought to be looking for threats to the president?  Sure, hookers might very well have some insight as to who might be a threat, but the idea is to pay them for info, not sample the wares on the cheap.

Bad jokes aside, it doesn’t seem to have occurred to the intrepid advance team that in checking out the hookers, they might very well have been checked out themselves.  There’s no reason to think that the hooker with the heart of gold might not be working the opposite side of the street, doing a little romancing the stone herself, so to speak, on behalf of other buyers – buyers who might not exactly have the best interests of the United States as their top priority.

The White House checked out the incident and declared its hands to be clean, which doesn’t exactly leave us feeling relieved.

And what is it with Democrat administrations, sex and foreign threats anyway?

President Clinton pooh-poohed the notion that sex with an intern might make him a target for an enemy that would have no compunctions against blackmailing him. And it’s not as though Clinton was unsusceptible, after all.

To be fair, Obama has been far removed from the sort of behavior that made Mr. Clinton infamous.  But here’s hoping that the Commander-in-Chief and his inner circle take this incident a little more seriously than they did the 2009 White House party crashers.  And that Cartagena night clubs don’t make the advance team’s schedule on the next Latin American state visit.

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