iGOP Slate Promising To Bring Youth, Social Media To RNC

April 13, 2012
The iGOP slate of Brett Moore, Kelly Maher, Alexander Hornaday and Jonathan Keyser

DENVER – You’ve heard of the iMac, the iPod, and the iPad. Now meet the iGOP.

A slate of young, tech savvy Republicans have bound together to run for Republican National Convention (RNC) delegate slots, calling themselves the iGOP.

The four Republicans — Kelly Maher, Brett Moore, Alexander Hornaday and Jonathan Keyser — have a unique pitch to the voters at the 1st Congressional District Assembly and State Convention in Denver this weekend.

They promise, if elected, to bring the RNC back to Colorado through real-time Facebook and Twitter coverage of the multi-day political extravaganza.

“We will be using technology and social media to revolutionize the way Colorado Republicans participate in the National Convention,” says Jonathan Keyser.

Rather than watch the limited convention coverage on TV or read about it in the newspaper, Coloradans can get a live, unfiltered view of the Colorado delegation’s experience.

“We have the ability to share the convention with conservatives without the filter of the mainstream media,” says Kelly Maher.

Maher has some experience in broadcasting live events without the filter of the mainstream media. She has live-tweeted GOP Presidential primary debates for national conservative news site The Daily Caller and covered Colorado elected officials on WhoSaidYouSaid.

The slate is even running for their seats using social media. The iGOP Facebook page, created on Wednesday, currently has 121 “likes.” The group also has a Twitter account.

Since the last Republican National Convention in 2008, social media usage in politics has exploded.

Facebook was still in its relative infancy four years ago, whereas the site is expected to cross the 1 billion mark for active users later this year.

Twitter has become a major force in its own right in the last two years, from creating journalists’ careers like Andrew Kaczynski to crushing Congressional ones in the case of Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner.

The news business itself has been turned on its head by Twitter, with news no longer breaking first on blogs or TV, but on Twitter.

What the team of young Republicans is hoping is that Twitter will have the same effect on the Republican faithful gathering in Denver this weekend.

iGOP isn’t the only slate running at the State Convention by any means. With over 800 candidates in the running for 12 delegate slots plus alternates, many people band together in hopes of improving their chances as a team.

There are slates that run on issues, others that run based on the candidates they support, while some don’t seem to have any unifying theme at all.

In the case of the iGOP, Kelly Maher and Jonathan Keyser are pledged to support Mitt Romney. Alexander Hornaday and Brett Moore are both unpledged to any candidate.

The members of the iGOP team have two chances to be elected, the 1st Congressional district assembly on Friday, where three delegates are chosen from 131 candidates, and Saturday at the State Convention, where 12 delegates are selected out of over 800 in the running.

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