Coors Campaign Launches Positive TV Ad

May 29, 2012

Coors is challenging the three-term Democrat incumbent Ed Perlmutter for Congress

DENVER – The Joe Coors for Congress campaign is up with their first TV ad of the election cycle, with a humorous introduction to the former Coors Tek CEO using the tag line “I’m not a beer.”

It follows a previous radio ad using the same theme and slogan to familiarize voters with the candidate from the well-known family brand.

While the electorate is well acquainted with the Coors beer brand, the Coors campaign is hoping to differentiate their candidate from the beer, as Joe Coors has spent his career helping helm a different Coors brand — Coors Tek — a technical ceramics company.

Conservative blog Colorado Peak Politics called the ad “Hickenlooper-esque in its quirkiness and positive tone,” a reference to the Governor’s history of eccentric TV ads. The ad highlights Coors’ business background, as well as his opposition to excessive spending, debt and bailouts.

Coors, a Republican, is challenging the three-term Democrat incumbent Ed Perlmutter in Colorado’s 7th Congressional District.

The ad is set to run on broadcast and cable for three weeks with approximately $400,000 behind it, making it the largest ad buy in Colorado this year not related to the Presidential election. The hefty ad buy comes two weeks after Coors was named to “Contender” status in the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee’s (NRCC) “Young Guns” candidate support program.

At the time, the NRCC highlighted Coors reaching internal fundraising and organizational benchmarks as the reason for the recognition. Despite the sizable purchase, which hints at strong fundraising, the Perlmutter campaign had considerably more cash on hand as of the last finance report. As of March 31, Perlmutter’s campaign had $810,000 on hand compared to Coors who had less than $290,000.

“Congressman Perlmutter has spent the last five and a half years promoting his name at taxpayers’ expense while amassing a campaign war chest that outnumbers ours nearly 3-1,” said Coors campaign spokeswoman Michelle Yi. “There isn’t a budget in the world that could equal the power of an incumbent Washington politician. Joe has always said he will run a serious campaign and we anticipate that this will remain competitive through Election Day.”

A request for comment to the Perlmutter campaign was not immediately returned.

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