From The Cheap Seats: Casual Governor Quirky

May 4, 2012
eileenaway / Foter

It’s cute.  It’s funny.  Better yet, it’s quirky.  It’s no wonder Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper continues to show up at public events sans necktie.

The whole “casual Colorado” schtick the guv proffers as part of his brewpub-owner-instead-of-crafty-politician image is growing tiresome.  And it sure would be nice if his press agents disguised as reporters would quit making a big deal out of it. 

The latest installment stems from a gala (yes, a gala) that Governor Quirky showed up to without a tie.  He quickly borrowed one from a staffer and voila – Denver Post breaking news.

In fairness, our operation here at The Observer is pretty casual.  None of us have an affinity for ties or jackets.  But then again, none of us are governor.

While traveling the state asking people for ideas on how to run a government, we humbly request that the Hickenlooper team develop a dress code, or at the very least, pull the motorcade off of the interstate for an unscheduled visit to a Colorado neckwear retailer.

Oh, and this habadashery business cuts both ways.  On the scene of the recent North Fork fire incident, Governor Hickenlooper jumped out of the helicopter dressed like an LL Bean model.  Meanwhile, Lt. Governor Joe Garcia exited the chopper looking like he just closed a deal with a hedge fund in Manhattan.

We certainly don’t want to…uh…crucify anyone over a fashion faux pas, but come on, guys.  Clean it up.  Coordinate.


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