From the Cheap Seats: Do Obama’s Minions Have Foot-in-Mouth Disease?

May 3, 2012
@COMRADE?  Last week, it was Al Almendariz’ comments about the need to “crucify” oil companies. Now another adminisration appointee, Nate Snyder, is in hot water after tweeting in support of Tuesday’s Socialist “May Day” protestsLst1984 / Foter

Perhaps they’ll just go down one at a time.

Now that “Centurion” Al Almendariz has resigned for unintentionally revealing the actual attitude of the Obama administration on  oil and gas development (they are against it), Nate Snyder, who labors in the Department of Homeland Security as the “special adviser for community partnership and strategic engagement” has gone and done the same thing on international communism.

Snyder, who apparently works directly for Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, or as she’s known for ability to win American friends, “Napalmitano,” two days ago just couldn’t contain his enthusiasm and tweeted “Happy May Day! #solidarity.”

We don’t know much about Snyder’s qualifications, except that he previous was employed by the Service Employees International Union and that he worked  for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

We also know that he’s a bit tone-deaf, sort of like his boss’s boss.

Any wannabe commissar in the Obama administration ought to have figured out by now that the game is to keep secret that element of the plan. Those right-wing nutjobs keep harping about how the president is a Marxist who either a) knows he’s one and has enough sense not to admit it, or b) isn’t smart enough to know he’s a Marxist and doesn’t know the difference between Karl and Harpo. This corner comes down on the latter explanation, but that’s beside the point.

As it is, underlings like Snyder ought to know better. May Day is a Commie fest, as any three-second Google search would demonstrate, but Snyder can’t be bothered. He’s convinced he’s a mainstream American, and what mainstream American doesn’t get in line when it comes time to celebrate great Americans like Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky and Gorbachev?  What American hearts didn’t beat just a little faster during the May Day parades of the Cold War, knowing that all those missiles on display in Moscow were aimed at their evil overlords on Wall Street and Main Street (and yes, even the dusty road to Granny’s place – that running-dog capitalist pig eking out a living on dividends, and whatever she could sell at a roadside stand from her garden).

Yes Snyder is American  as chicken Kiev. He’s the caviar to our toast points. Perhaps that’s why he took his Twitter account private, rather than take full advantage of the self-expression afforded him by that uniquely American contribution to political discourse, the First Amendment.

Or maybe somebody told him to shut up before he gives the game away.

Now we’ll see how the Obama administration sees him.

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