Ahead of June Primary, GOP Maintains Voter Registration Edge

June 5, 2012
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DENVER – The latest figures from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office show Republicans maintaining a hefty advantage in active voter registration, leading their Democratic counterparts 823,266 to 706,480, as ballots prepare to drop for June’s primary election.

The approximately 117,000 active voter margin mirrors that of April’s tally, with Democrats adding just fewer than 1,000 more active voters in the month of May than Republicans.

Unaffiliated active voters numbered 676,068, up just a fraction from the previous total of just over 675,000.

The relative stability in the overall numbers created little change in the percentage breakdown of active voter distribution. Democrats edged up two tenths of a point to 31.7 percent, while Republicans added a tenth of a point to 37.0 percent. Unaffiliated actives lost three tenths of a point, down to 30.4 percent.

The gap between the numbers of active female and male active voters continues to widen by a small margin. The numbers of active female active voters in Colorado, now sitting at 1,172,047 as of June 1, outnumber their male counterparts by 118,644 voters, up nearly 1,500 since April.

Total voter registration in Colorado is steadily approaching the 3.5 million mark. Republicans boast 1,114,012 total registered voters, up just around 9,000. Meanwhile, Democrats have added 7,400 to their total over the past month.

Unaffiliated voters have actually decreased slightly, down 3,500, ahead of the June primary. Voters must affiliate with a party to participate in Colorado’s primaries, and it is typical during each even-year election to see a dip in the number of unaffiliateds—and sometimes a corresponding spike in either party, especially in hotly contested primaries.

This year’s primary ballot includes one statewide Republican race for an at-large CU Regent seat, as well as a number of contentious primaries for seats in the state legislature, as members who were redistricted in 2011 face off against fellow incumbents.

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One Response to Ahead of June Primary, GOP Maintains Voter Registration Edge

  1. June 5, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    Unaffiliated voters can still register with the Republican party online until June 19 at http://GoVoteColorado.com to request a mail-in ballot, and, in Denver, vote for antiwar Republican Richard Murphy for Congress before the June 26th primary election day.

    Choose wisely. Choose Murphy!


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