From the Cheap Seats: Barack Blutarsky

June 1, 2012

Fellow Obama World War II history buff John Blutarsky

There’s nothing quite like smart diplomacy.

Just ask the Poles. You remember the Poles, right? Subjugated by the Nazis. Herded into death camps along with Jews. Ah yes, the Poles.  But, according to President Obama, it was the Poles who were running the death camps.

Yes, it appears that our fourth best president managed to irritate a nation while, get this, honoring them for saving Jews from the Nazis.

When it comes to diplomacy, it just doesn’t get any smarter than that.

So how does a self-described world traveler, master of all things cool, get things so horribly muddled?

Is it because he knows no better? Well, probably.  Who knows exactly what he was taught in Hawaii’s public schools about world history?

Not that it matters, of course. Obama and his pals were likely too busy community organizing to pay attention.

But here’s a working theory.  Perhaps Obama grew up with John Blutarsky as a kind of role model, at least in terms of scholarship.  So, when Blutarsky was at his most inspiring, demanding to know whether we gave up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, maybe our future Commander-in-Chief believed he was watching a documentary.

Now if we could only get him to understand that the Germans indeed were the bad guys.

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