From the Cheap Seats: Gessler Voter Integrity Effort Vindicated by Democrat Flack

June 5, 2012

Did Inzeo maintain his dual voter registration so he could vote for DC's most famous crack smoking councilman Marion Barry?

We could have written in a fictional vein about a Democrat state spokesman who criticized Republican election officials about their silly insistence on verifying the eligibility of voters, but hey, who would believe it?

It’s not, after all, as though a real person matching that description, say Colorado Democrat spokesman Matt Inzeo, actually could exist.

But then what do you know? Truth leaves fiction in the dust.

Matt Inzeo, a seasoned Dem operative with penetrating insights into all things political (just ask him) turns out to have worked in Denver for the ruling-party Dems for more than a year without bothering to register to vote.

Heck, he wasn’t even eligible to sign the petition to recall Secretary of State Scott Gessler when he announced the petition drive on March 28.  And Dems wonder why the petition got no traction.

Why it’s almost like Michelle Obama declaring that relatives of office holders ought not travel on the public dime.

Anyway, let’s consider Inzeo’s transgressions here, as detailed by Media Trackers Colorado.

A consummate political pro, Inzeo left Washington, D.C, where he worked in Congress  with other consummate political pros and made for the hinterlands of Colorado, where, the conventional wisdom goes, the rubes don’t look too closely at voter registration details.

On arrival, he’s immediately immersed in all things political, but can’t be bothered to give up that old voter registration in D.C.

One wonders why.  Was it some deep-seated need to vote just one more time for that consummate crack smoking statesman Marion “B*tch set me up” Barry?

Anyway, eventually it occurs to Mr. Politics that he ought to register in Colorado.  So he did so belatedly, not even in time to participate in caucuses (not that it mattered, since Barack Obama wasn’t exactly enduring the same kind of heated intraparty challenge in the Centennial state that he faced from a federal convict in West Virginia and an unknown in Arkansas).

So once Mr. Inzeo finally got around to registering here in Mile High Country, it evidently slipped his mind — and that of local elections officials — that he remained registered in the burg on the Potomac.

Well, isn’t this exactly the thing that Scott Gessler has cited as a serious problem, one of many that threatens to undermine the integrity of our electoral system?  And, dare we say, a problem at which Inzeo and his Democrat buddies have scoffed?

Why yes, yes it is. And you can’t make that up.

Perhaps Mr. Gessler should send Mr. Inzeo a fruit basket for helping him make his point.

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One Response to From the Cheap Seats: Gessler Voter Integrity Effort Vindicated by Democrat Flack

  1. Ellen Dumm
    June 6, 2012 at 10:04 am

    This is the stupidest post I’ve seen in awhile. He didn’t vote in DC.


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