From the Cheap Seats: Obama Campaign Not Exactly “Doing Fine”

June 11, 2012

DOING FINE? Obama, pictured here with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, had a rough week

It was the week that was. The week in which anyone with half a brain figured out that President Barack Obama, reputed to have a mind like a steel trap, was shown to have a mind like a steel trap lost by  Jim Bridger, and left to corrode on the bottom of the Great Salt Lake.

So it was that those sharp-eyed political geniuses at Time magazine figured out last week that the president is something less than a shoo-in for re-election.

Pity that Time only figured out half the story, the other half being that Obama may not be the perspicacious observer he was previously thought to be.

Consider that in the wake of a stunning defeat in Wisconsin, in which Obama picked and lost a proxy fight picked by his union cronies. That, combined with an uptick in the unemployment rate, cast the backdrop for Obama to declare in front of a usually compliant press corps (that’s pronounced “core,” Mr. President, not “corpse”) that the private sector was “doing fine.”

What exactly does the president think the last three and a half years have been about?

Does he not realize that his big government cronies are dependent on a vibrant and rich private sector? Has that truth somehow evaded the smartest president ever?

Or is he just not bright enough to figure it out?

Well, let’s look at the evidence of last week.

His pals lost an election in Wisconsin. Wisconsin, mind you, where public-employee unions call the shots, cash the checks and dare anyone to stop them.

Obama losing in Wisconsin is a bit like Napoleon losing at Waterloo.

Obama and his pals lost 38 percent of union households in the election. That’s like Napoleon seeing more than a third of his conscripts jumping sides.

Not exactly a stunning demonstration of leadership. Even Bonaparte avoided being blown apart in that way.

Obama painted himself last week, while adding to his record $15 trillion debt, as a cheapskate. To do so he borrowed a flawed report by a guy named “Nutting,” appropriately enough, who attributed Obama’s trillion-dollar stimulus to his predecessor, George W. Bush.

That, of course, made Obama look cheaper than a $3 suit.

And every bit as classy.

As the week closed, it came out that Obama is spending almost as much time in fundraisers as he does on the golf course and is STILL falling behind Mitt Romney’s money machine.

As June rolls on, Obama is likely to be shown as incapable of drafting a health-care law that can stand constitutional muster. The “gunwalking” scheme to allow firearms to be carried across the southern border will get closer to his attorney general, maybe even his White House.

About all he has left to turn to is his drones. And no, we’re not talking about the boys at Time.

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