From the Cheap Seats: Scott Walker and Joe Hill

June 5, 2012

THE CHEESEHEADS SPEAK: It appears that rumors of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's demise were greatly exaggerated

Joe Hill rolled over last night, looked about at what was wrought in his humble name and … yawned.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker fended off a recall set up by President Obama’s public-union cronies, who thought they could act with impunity.

After all, a militant band of high-minded, thoughtful and courageous progressive senators put their tails between their legs and ran for the border when it became clear they couldn’t win a legislative fight - and they paid no price for the dodge.

Then they took over the state capitol in Madison, went on vandalism spree, openly dared authorities to do anything about it, co-opted law enforcement and still paid no price.

Joe Hill would have killed for that kind of atmosphere.

Then again, Joe Hill, a turn-of-the-century Wobbly, avowed socialist (Hey, at least he admitted it) wouldn’t recognize the union movement of today.

Union bosses get to plot their schemes in the Oval Office, feted by a community organizing president who has probably never even heard of old Joe Hill.

Joe Hill, union songster and inspirational figure in life and death, was executed in Utah in 1915 for a murder that lacked, shall we say, certain evidentiary niceties, such as witnesses. Of course it didn’t help that the victims fired shots in self defense and that Hill suffered a bullet wound he never explained.

If Joe Hill could speak, he’d marvel at the stunning lack of competence displayed by his ideological heirs and their inability to make use of clear  political advantage from the top of the American political heap.

Indeed, despite facing a full frontal onslaught from the Democratic Party machine and Big Labor’s political apparatus, Scott Walker became the first governor in American history to survive a recall attempt.  And he did it in a walk.

Yep, it seems that perhaps the only smart thing Barack Obama did in recent months was stay the hell out of Wisconsin.

Joe Hill would have done the same.

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