Romney Opens Colo. Headquarters

June 18, 2012

Romney, pictured here during a February visit to Colorado

LAKEWOOD—The Romney campaign officially opened its Colorado headquarters Saturday before a packed crowd of Republican political bigwigs and supporters.

The spacious Lakewood office will serve not only as ground zero for Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney in Colorado, but also as a base for other Republican candidates in Jefferson County – what state Republican Party chair Ryan Call termed a “Romney Victory headquarters for Colorado.”

“This coordinated victory strategy is not only going to help us win the White House, but also the state legislature and Congress,” Call said. “Our goal is not only to be first and foremost a victory for Mitt Romney, but also to bring in members of Congress, state legislators and others who can support the Romney agenda.”

In attendance at the Romney headquarters were local Republican Party leaders from Broomfield, Arapahoe, Fremont, Pitkin and Adams counties, and prominent political figures including former Rep. Bob Beauprez, former Sen. Hank Brown, congressional candidate Joe Coors and CU Regent candidate Brian Davidson.

Call said the Romney campaign will soon open several other regional offices in Colorado; however, the former Massachusetts governor will have to work quickly to catch up to President Obama, who already has unveiled four Colorado offices in Colorado Springs, Denver, Lakewood and Pueblo.

While Obama may have the advantage in real estate, Republicans insist they have the numbers: There are roughly 100,000 more registered Republicans in Colorado than Democrats.

Romney has made three campaign appearances in Colorado since January, and Republicans said they expect to see more of him soon, although there is no event scheduled at this time.

Obama has also visited the state several times, and his campaign announced recently that First Lady Michelle Obama will speak at rallies Wednesday, June 20, in Pueblo and Arapahoe County.

In a bit of a coincidence, Michelle Obama is scheduled to speak at Arapahoe High School in Littleton, where Romney held a post-primary rally on February 6.

Given Colorado’s status as a battleground state and the recent spate of presidential campaign commercials—both the Obama and Romney campaign are airing at least two different spots on Denver television—this is only the beginning of what will undoubtedly be a chaotic campaign season.

“The opportunity to change direction is what this election is all about,” Call said.

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