Former Clinton Adviser Speaks to AFP Rally

July 13, 2012

Dick Morris, a former senior adviser to President Bill Clinton, spoke at yesterday's Rally for Freedom (Americans for Prosperity Image)

COLO. SPRINGS– More than 300 political activists enthusiastically embraced a God, GOP and guns pep talk by Dick Morris at the Rally for Freedom sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.

If President Barack Obama wins a second term, Morris warned Thursday, not only will Americans be hit with government-mandated healthcare coverage, they could lose their gun rights under the 2nd Amendment.

The conservative TV correspondent and author of Screwed, Morris says that Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been quietly negotiating treaties at the United Nations – focusing on the Arms Trade Treaty slated to be signed at a July 27 meeting in New York.

“The treaty marks the beginning of an international crusade to impose gun controls on the United States and repeal our Second Amendment rights,” said Morris. “This can lead to confiscating guns.”

If Clinton signs the treaty and Obama wins a second term, the treaty will take effect unless the Senate refuses to ratify it, said Morris. That seems unlikely if the Democrats keep control of the Senate.

On the surface, the treaty aims to stop international arm sales to criminals and violent groups, he said, but behind that “convenient facade” is the intent to force gun control on Americans.

The International Support Unit of the United Nations will be empowered to ensure that all parties that sign the treaty control activities within their territories “to prevent the diversion of exported arms to the illicit market or to unintended end users.”

That enforcement clause, Morris said, could lead to forced gun registration, restrictions on gun ownership, negative economic impact on gun manufacturers, and ultimately a ban on firearms.

Morris told the crowd to fight back and sign a petition against the treaty on his website And he urged the conservatives to turn out the vote to defeat Obama and Democrats in the November election.

Citing polls that indicate 55 percent of Americans oppose the Affordable Care Act, dubbed ObamaCare by detractors, Morris said, “Obama doesn’t want it to be a major issue in this election. If it did, he would lose the election by 15 points.”

Though Morris was disappointed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold ObamaCare because the mandated coverage is a tax, he said it thrust the controversial issue into the spotlight in the presidential election.

Regarding the economic crisis, Morris said, “Obama’s cure is worse than the disease.” He slammed Obama’s solution to the recession – borrowing and spending, increasing the debt from $25 trillion to $35 trillion – and blamed the President for triggering a global economic meltdown.

While the federal government plunged deeper into debt, Morris said, “Americans have paid down their debts by $1 trillion.” When he asked how many people in the audience had paid down their credit cards, loans and mortgages – nearly every hand shot into the air.

Morris said he’s working on a new book called Here Come the Black Helicopters!:  Exposing the Liberal Plan for Government– a title that drew laughter in the audience. Warnings of spying black helicopters were rampant during the so-called patriot movement in the early 1990s – a time when Morris had served as a top political adviser to President Bill Clinton.

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