From The Cheap Seats: Gessler More Popular than Obama with 5280 Crowd

July 11, 2012

READERS CHOICE: For the second year in a row, 5280 readers chose Barack Obama as the politician they'd most like to see bounced from office

A bit of good news for Secretary of State Scott Gessler: He’s not the least popular politician in Colorado.

For the second year in a row, Gessler was selected as the “Politician to Vote Out of Office” in 5280 magazine’s annual “Top of the Town” edition. The magazine cites his “numerous clumsy and partisan attempts to uncover election shenanigans” and his “reckless ambition” as the criteria for the decision. Oh, and by the way, he’s a Republican, not that anyone at 5280 noticed.

However, a glance at the magazine’s website reveals an interesting footnote: Gessler may have been the Editor’s Choice for the “award,” which was the pick that ran in the print edition. But the website also lists a Reader’s Choice, and it turns out the readers didn’t choose Gessler as the “Politician to Vote Out of Office.” They chose Barack Obama.

The magazine offered no explanation, no reference to the president’s partisanship or “reckless ambition.” But the indispensable Colorado Peak Politics website notes that this is also Obama’s second selection in as many years.

It must be rough to be held in such low regard by the editors of 5280, but given a choice, it’s better than being despised by the voters. On that score, we’re sure both Obama and Gessler would agree.

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