From the Cheap Seats: The Stalkers at ProgressNow

July 30, 2012

ProgressNow’s “GesslerStalk” website estimates the Secretary of State’s age at between 45 and 50. We are here to help. For the record, Gessler is 47.

The award for “Most Clueless Press Release of the Month” goes to ProgressNow-Colorado, for its breathless dispatch entitled, “The whole state is watching, Scott Gessler.”

The post was dated Sunday, July 22. That’s two days after the horrific attack on the Century Aurora 16 theater, which rightly consumed the full attention of Colorado and the nation.

Let’s just say that at that point, the whole state had better things to do than watch Scott Gessler.

Except ProgressNow, whose focus on Gessler has become positively myopic and a tad unseemly. Two weeks ago, the group relaunched its “Gessler Watch” website, described as a “clearinghouse of information on Gessler’s partisan history and growing list of misdeeds.”

The launch was notable for two reasons: One, it came days after Gessler scored an enormous victory in his fight against voter fraud, in which the Obama administration capitulated to the secretary of state’s year-long quest to gain access to the federal database of legal residents.

Two, “Gessler Watch” betrays what can only be described as a strange fascination with the secretary of state’s personal appearance.

On the website’s front page is a detailed list of Gessler’s vital statistics, including his height (5’10”), his weight (185 lbs.), sex (male), and eye color (blue).

To which we can only say: What, no hair color? How is it that the spies at ProgressNow can pin Gessler’s weight to the pound but fail to notice that he has a headful of grayish-red hair?

Another gap in ProgressNow’s insatiable appetite for details: The website can only estimate his age at 45-50.  We are here to help.  For the record, Gessler is 47.

Here in the Cheap Seats, we will continue to provide as many details as are publicly available to the voyeuristically inclined folks at “Gessler Stalk,” er, “Gessler Watch.”

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