Guest Commentary: Fighting for our Second Amendment Rights

July 18, 2012

TIPTON: The United Nations General Assembly is currently convened in New York to draft language for an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that would give the UN a say in the regulation of our nation’s domestic gun ownership

Our Founding Fathers guaranteed us the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment, putting into place a fundamental liberty to safeguard against tyranny and protect our sacred nation.  This right which has been protected through the sacrifice of the members of our Armed Forces past and present, is under assault.

The United Nations General Assembly is currently convened in New York to draft language for an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

The conference has taken a controversial turn as delegates from Norway, Mexico, France, Germany and other nations have echoed the calls of anti-gun groups in demanding that the ATT include provisions to regulate civilian firearm transactions in member nations.

This would mean that the UN would have a say in the regulation of our nation’s domestic gun ownership. It does not sit well with me that a foreign entity, be it a nation state or a multinational organization, is attempting to undermine our country’s Constitution by restricting our liberties.

Any such attempt in the ATT negotiations to include a civilian arms component should be met with staunch opposition by U.S. Ambassadors and the Secretary of State.  Congress must fight to ensure that this never comes to pass, and must take action if a reference to domestic arms is included anywhere in the ATT.  These efforts have begun and I have signed on as a cosponsor to HR 3594, the Second Amendment Protection Act, which would prohibit funding to the UN until the President certifies that none of the treaties adopted violate our Second Amendment rights.

In order for the ATT to be ratified, it will need to pass the Senate by 2/3 vote.  I am pleased to report that 58 Senators have signed a letter to the President saying that they will oppose any treaty with provisions to control domestic firearms.

This assault on our liberty is the latest questionable move by the UN, an organization that oftentimes throws all sense to the wind in the interest of appeasing member nations that include some of the world’s worst actors such as Iran and Syria. Because of this type of overreach by the UN and their tendency to draw moral equivalencies between free nations and totalitarian regimes, President Bush went so far as to remove the U.S. from UN negotiations in the past. President Obama has since reversed that decision.

I will continue to be vigilant on this and other attempts by the United Nations to challenge America’s Constitutional rights.  Furthermore, any UN Treaty, including the ATT, must not trump the foreign policy, security and strategic goals of the US and our allies.  The ATT must not obstruct U.S. efforts to fulfill its obligations, including those to the state of Israel.  The ATT deserves to be highly scrutinized, and I will fight any attempt to undercut the Second Amendment rights of U.S. citizens.  It will not stand.

U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton (R-Cortez) represents Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.  He is a member of the House Resources, Agriculture and Small Business Committees

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One Response to Guest Commentary: Fighting for our Second Amendment Rights

  1. Esther Scaman
    July 20, 2012 at 9:58 am

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! The UN should have no say in what our rights are in our country! Further more, shame on Obama for not protecting our God given rights and our country!


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