Opponents of ObamaCare Ruling Rally at State Capitol

The rally, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity-Colorado, drew several hundred foes of Obamacare

 DENVER – Outraged over the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that upheld ObamaCare, more than 200 people rallied for its repeal on Friday on the west steps of the state Capitol.

The rally, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity-Colorado, drew several hundred foes of Obamacare, who heard speakers describe Colorado as the key to the presidential election between President Obama and likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

“Every analysis shows that the road to the White House goes through this state,” said Independence Institute President Jon Caldara. “Here in Colorado, the future of the nation will be decided. We have to win Colorado.

Speakers urged voters to put aside their differences on other issues and support Romney, even if he wasn’t their first choice for the GOP nod. Romney has vowed to push for a repeal of ObamaCare if elected.

The 5-4 Supreme Court ruling determined that the federal national health care act, dubbed ObamaCare, was not a mandate on individuals but instead is a tax which Congress has the power to levy. Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., a conservative constitutionalist appointed by President George W. Bush, joined the liberal judges.

“We were told by the President of United States that this wasn’t a tax. (Former House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi said it wasn’t a tax. (Senate President) Harry Reid said it wasn’t a tax,” saidJeff Crank, state director of Americans for Prosperity. “And then they get it to the Supreme Court and argue that it is a tax.”

“What happened is the greatest bait and switch in American history,” declared Crank.

“We are going to fight to keep bureaucrats out of the relationship between us and our doctor,” said Crank.

“This election just went from very, very important to absolutely imperative,” added former Republican Congressman Bob Beauprez.

“We got dealt a bit of a side blow, huh?” said Dr. Jill Vecchio, a radiologist and advocate of repealing the health-care act. “It’s up to us with this election starting now, starting yesterday.”

AFP-Colorado passed out T-shirts with the message, “Hands Off My Health Care” and urged rally-goers to sign an anti-Obamacare petition.

Mario Mendoza of Aurora, who arrived at the rally with a homemade anti-Obamacare sign, criticized the Supreme Court’s decision.

“I’m pretty frustrated. They’re now rewriting the law,” said Mendoza, referring to the court’s justices. “They’re bending over backwards to find it constitutional.”

Erich Feigel, chair of the Broomfield County Republicans, said he believed the court’s opinion would reenergize the conservative base.

“Because of what happened yesterday, everyone is reawakened to the threat,” said Feigel. “Even more so than before because now we have no other way out.”

Republican state Sen. Tim Neville said the Supreme Court’s opinions are often overtaken by events, citing a string of court decisions starting with Plessy v. Ferguson that were ultimately repealed or overturned.

“This is half-time. It’s time to strap it on and get ready,” said Neville.

Independence Institute legal scholar Rob Natelson told the crowd that the voters, not the Supreme Court, are the highest legal authority in the nation.

“Yesterday’s opinion is subject to appeal, and we are the highest court in the land,” said Natelson. “A hearing on this case is in November, and the Supreme Court will be reversed.”

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