Romney Hammers Obama Tax Hike Plan in Grand Junction

July 11, 2012

Romney, pictured here during one of his previous visits to Colorado (Photo by Michael Sandoval)

DENVER—Mitt Romney fired back at charges that he outsourced jobs during his tenure at Bain Capital at an enthusiastic town-hall rally yesterday in Grand Junction.

Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, rejected the claims, citing an independent research report, and countered that President Obama has actually been the one outsourcing American jobs.

“If there’s an outsourcer-in-chief, it’s the president of the United States, not the guy that’s running to replace him,” Romney said.

Romney then went on the full offensive, attacking the president’s economic record and the White House’s controversial new tax hike proposal.

He disputed the president’s description of the plan as a “tax cut”, noting that the proposal would not lower taxes for anyone but would in fact result in “a massive tax increase” for small-business owners and “job creators.”

“Last week, the middle class of American got a kick in the gut when the jobs numbers came out, and we found out we’ve only created 80,000 jobs,” Romney said. “At the very time the American people are seeing fewer jobs than we need, the president announces he’s going to make it harder for jobs to be created. I don’t think this president understands how our economy works.”

The former Massachusetts governor spoke before a packed crowd at Central High School in Grand Junction, the same venue at which Obama appeared three years ago to gain support for his health-care initiative.

Tuesday’s crowd at CHS received a very different message on national health-care. When not blasting the President’s economic record, Romney focused his attention on repealing ObamaCare.

“I’m going to look at all the programs that we have in government and ask this question: Is this program so critical to America that it’s worth borrowing money from China to pay for?” Romney said. “And on that basis, the first one that I’m going to get rid of is Obamacare.”

The liberal group ProgressNow Colorado fired off a press release after the town hall criticizing Romney and referring to Grand Junction, a community of 60,000, as a “remote conservative stronghold.”

“Mitt Romney proved again today that the middle class in Colorado is not his priority,” ProgressNow Colorado executive director Joanne Schwartz said.

Romney followed the Grand Junction speech with a visit to a Colorado Springs food bank to offer support for the victims of the Waldo Canyon fire.

“People around the country are wondering what can they do because we’ve all watched what’s happened here with horror as we’ve seen the flames and the homes lost and the stories of loss of life,” Romney told the Colorado Springs Gazette. “People in the immediate community, of course, can bring in canned goods. But what can people do that are from Boston and New York and Chicago? Well, you can come to Colorado and vacation this summer.”

Romney has made several appearances in Colorado during this campaign season outside the Denver metro area.

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One Response to Romney Hammers Obama Tax Hike Plan in Grand Junction

  1. CharlieRedRuff
    July 11, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    ..Thanks for the coverage of Romney’s “Grand Junction speech”…In these days and times,one must be careful of his source’s of news and information that could misled them from the truth on very important matters…I do my best to read and listen to all reports possible that are so important to my life and country… From there I can VOTE for the RIGHT MAN to led OUR COUNTRY into the FUTURE …keep up the good work…CRR


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