Coors Campaign Reserves $1.8 Million in Advertising For Fall

August 16, 2012

Joe Coors is challenging incumbent Democrat Ed Perlmutter, who is running for his fourth term

GOLDEN – The campaign of 7th Congressional District challenger Joe Coors has reserved $1.8 million in advertising for the fall campaign, a source tracking media buys tells The Colorado Observer.

News of the Coors’ campaign media reservations comes after the national party committees have already plunked down some serious change for their own reservations, though those reservations could be used for any one of the three competitive Congressional elections in Colorado this cycle.

Joe Coors is challenging incumbent Congressman Ed Perlmutter, who is running for re-election to his fourth term.

In April, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) reserved a total of $2.5 million in the Denver media market. At the time, the DCCC’s deputy executive director, Jennifer Crider, told The Observer that the money could be used to defeat incumbent Republican Congressmen Mike Coffman and Scott Tipton, or for defending incumbent Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter.

Then in June, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) reserved $1.64 million for its own advertising. That money is also likely to go to the same races as the DCCC’s media buy, though both party committees will decide closer to Election Day exactly which races they want to direct the money towards.

Much like the presidential race, Colorado’s Congressional races are expected to run up a serious tab as well. In a reflection of what’s to come, Congressional fundraising in Colorado has ticked up 29% this cycle, according to a review of Federal Election Commission filings by The Observer.

As of July 1, Coors has been outraised by Perlmutter, $1.76 million to $1.28 million, though both sides have the capacity to raise much more – Coors through self-funding and Perlmutter through special interest Political Action Committees (PACs) that have supplied nearly a million dollars to his campaign so far.

Sources indicate that Perlmutter has yet to make any substantial advertising reservations.

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