From the Cheap Seats: Cleaning Up Iraq’s Non-Existent WMD’s

August 1, 2012

Britain has reportedly agreed to help the Iraqi government dispose of Saddam’s chemical weapons, which were stored in two bunkers north of Baghdad.

Funny how some things never go away. Things like chemical weapons owned by Saddam Hussein, to pick a for instance.

You remember. They were called “weapons of mass destruction,” or WMD for those who couldn’t handle the full name. And, of course, they didn’t exist. After all, they were made up by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as a pretext for the invasion (actually the liberation) of Iraq.

So if these pretexts were as imaginary as Barack Obama’s clean-energy jobs boom, why is that the Brits are all eager to help the Iraqis clean them up?

Britain has agreed to help the Iraqi government dispose of Saddam’s chemical weapons, according to the British Embassy in Baghdad. The chemical weapons were stored in two bunkers north of Baghdad.

The chemical weapons, the embassy helpfully noted, were placed in the bunkers despite the danger their presence posed to the local population during the liberation of the country and ensuing arrest and eventual execution.

But they didn’t exist, remember?

It’s telling, is it not, that the United States, under President Obama, can’t be bothered to help with the cleanup of those chemical weapons.

After all, they don’t exist. Right?

And no one cleans up things that don’t exist, right?

But what if they did exist? Do exist? Doesn’t that undermine the raison d’etre of the Obama presidency? Well, along with all the others that have been undermined already.

But more seriously, doesn’t it say a great deal that the White House put the oft-cited denial of the danger Saddam Hussein posed to the United States, its soldiers, even the world, over the safety of  a couple Iraqi neighborhoods?

And what is says doesn’t reflect well on the Obama administration. But it does speak loudly.

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