From the Cheap Seats: Climate Change Flashback

August 22, 2012


CLASSICS: Climate change alarmism has been with us as long as this 1947 Ford

We don’t know how the hysterics at Climate Reality Project (CRaP) missed this one, but it’s right down their alley. Mysterious warming. Icecaps melting. Oceans rising, we’re all gonna die, yadda yadda. Better yet, the news came out the University of California, so it had to be credible, right?

Perhaps not exactly.

See, this tidbit of over-the-top freakiness comes to us from 1947.

By rights, we shouldn’t even be here to read all about it, given that our predecessors should have drowned in a tidal wave of massive
proportions driven by rapid heating of the earth.

The author of the study, the Al Gore of his day, apparently, called for the establishment  of an international agency “to study the
conditions on a global basis.”

The rising temperatures got the attention Dr. Hans Ahlmann when he noted that the port of Spitsbergen was now open for eight months. In
1910, the port was available only for three months before the ice closed it again.

Oh the horror of it all. Who wants navigable ports anyway?

There is no record, unfortunately, as to whether the good doc hopped into his SUV and sped off in a cloud of fumes to his private estate
overlooking the Pacific after he delivered his prognostications.

Maybe he just went on to become little Al Gore’s science tutor.


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