From the Cheap Seats: CSU Plays Hooky for Obama

August 27, 2012

POLITICAL EDUCATION: The boys at CSU said they’d agree to Obama rallying in the middle of campus on Tuesday…You know, a school day

Just askin’ here, but why is that the University of Virginia turned down President Obama’s entreaty to please, please be surrounded by hordes of leftist drones on the campus, but Colorado State University readily acceded to the idea?

You read that right. The boys at Fort Collins said they’d agree to Obama rallying in the middle of the campus on Tuesday. You know, a school day.

The adults at U Va. just said no when the president’s advance team tromped in a demanded a rally on the campus.

Astonishingly, the administrators at Virginia found backbones and mentioned that they actually were in the business of teaching, not running interference for politicos on the stump.

The Virginians told the prez that his two choices of rally sites flat wouldn’t work and a spokesman said the use of either site “ would require closing buildings adjacent to the sites for the entire day.

The cancellation of 186 classes would occur.  This would result in an extraordinary disruption of the second day of the new semester.”

U Va would also have had pay for security measures on campus and along the presidential motorcade route. Because of the school’s nonpartisan status, it would have to offer “the same accommodations and bear the same costs” for Mitt Romney, the university noted.

Strangely, none of those concerns arose in Fort Collins.

Now it isn’t that Cheap Seats are against presidential visits, even by this one. Hey, the Prez could have visited Hughes Stadium. After all, no one else has. In years.

But really, why weren’t educational concerns pre-eminent at CSU?

We are holding out hope at Cheap Seats that the student Rams show more sense than their admininstrators when the prez rolls in, and go to classes instead of the show.

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