From the Cheap Seats: Global Warming Fraudster to Sue

August 30, 2012

Mann, who was exposed for manipulating data to support his controversial global warming theories, reportedly now wants to sue his critics at National Review

Dr. Michael “Hide the decline” Mann says he’s had enough and he’s not going to take it anymore.  Yep, the prof from Penn State, who belongs in the state pen, as someone once put it in a pre-Sandusky era, is going to court. 

Mann is going to sue National Review for all those nasty things the publication said about “anthropogenic climate change” — the cool-kid name for man-made global warming.

Actually the cool kids don’t say “anthropogenic,” because they can’t pronounce it, and can’t spell “AGW,”, so they just go with global warming and leave it at that.

Anyway, AGW’s boy-blunder is treading into territory that even John Kerry was smart enough to avoid. And that’s saying something.

Kerry, you’ll recall, has yet to sue the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth for their libels of his service — maybe because somebody casually mentioned to him that going to court means baring your facts and being asked embarrassing questions in depositions.  Kerry didn’t want that — and if “Hide the Decline” had a working cerebral cortex, he wouldn’t either.

If he actually proceeds with his suit, Mann will have to explain his “hockeystick” fraud, and that phrase, “Hide the decline,” to say nothing of his actions in frustrating legitimate freedom-of-information requests on the matter of manufacturing evidence of AGW.

Will Mann actually go to court?  Maybe so.  He’ll of course have to pay a lawyer up front.  Perhaps Al Gore is available.

Interestingly, Al and Mrs. Mark Udall’s “Climate Reality Project” haven’t mentioned Mann’s legal case.  Just guessing here, but could it be that they don’t want to be called as witnesses?

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