From the Cheap Seats: Joe Biden the Race-Baiter

August 15, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden, America’s own Robert Mugabe

We sort of wondered when Team Obama would start pitching slavery as the alternative to the perpetual failure of the Obama vision.

Well, we need wonder no more.

Vice President Joe Biden (and doesn’t that still sound weird? Sort of like “Vice President John Edwards”) has gone all scaremonger.

Speaking in Virginia – or was it North Carolina – Biden, presumably between barks and howls, said that Mitt Romney would “unchain Wall Street” and put Americans in bondage.

“They’re going to put y’all back in chains,” Biden told a crowd of Obama devotees, who are, as we know, easily frightened by silliness mixed with liberal dollops of hysteria.

The White House, questioned by reporters about Biden’s comments, said the Obama administration/campaign – let’s be honest, there is no difference - had no problem with the creepy veep’s comments.

We long since surrendered any thought that Biden speaks off the cuff.  His lunacy is scripted and delivered with practiced paranoia.

What is really frightening is the idea that he could be the Dems’ standard bearer in 2016.

Well, unless John Edwards has anything to say about it.

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