From the Cheap Seats: Left Whiffs at Akin Softball

August 23, 2012

Democrats like Sen. Brandon Shaffer and Rep. Sal Pace (pictured above) have been so eager to capitalize on Todd Akin’s recent remarks that they’ve misplaced a few letters and apostrophes

Colorado Democrats are so frantic to capitalize on the Todd Akin “illegitimate rape” debacle that they’re starting to get sloppy.

First there was Brandon Shaffer’s congressional fundraising plea identifying the Missouri Senate candidate as “Todd Aiken,” the apparently long-lost brother of “American Idol” finalist Clay.

As the sharp-eyed scribes at Colorado Peak Politics were quick to note, the irony is thick, given Shaffer’s comment earlier this year comparing his political woes to the plight of rape victims.

After being criticized for abandoning his Senate leadership position to run for Congress, Shaffer told The Denver Post that “it’s a little bit like blaming the woman or saying to a woman she deserved it.”

Of course, Shaffer was hardly chastised for that jaw-dropper by the same forward-thinkers now lambasting Akin for his preposterous comment.

Then there was the press release dashed off by Sal Pace shortly after the Akin remark went viral. The statement says Pace’s congressional opponent, GOP Rep. Scott Tipton, declined to comment “when asked if Akin’s should step down from his U.S. Senate race in Missouri.”

While it’s possible that Pace has confused the Senate candidate with Claude Akins, star of the hit 1970s TV series “B.J. and the Bear,” it seems more likely that in his eagerness to tar his Republican foe, Pace forgot those grammar school lessons about apostrophes.

Finally, there was the email sent out by the hipsters at Drinking Liberally-Denver, who gather every other Wednesday to imbibe and congratulate each other on their progressive views. This week’s reminder carried the following message in the subject line: “I sure hope Todd Akin doesn’t pull out to abort his campaign in it’s [sic] third trimester‏.”

It’s hard to know where to begin parsing that ode to tastelessness, tortured phrasing and incorrect punctuation. Suffice it to say that if jokes about third-trimester abortions tickle your funny bone, you now know where to spend your Wednesday nights.

Note to Democrats: Slow down and take a deep breath. Remember, Todd Akin isn’t going anywhere.  So feel free to spend a few extra minutes proofing your missives before you post them.

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One Response to From the Cheap Seats: Left Whiffs at Akin Softball

  1. Concerned
    August 23, 2012 at 11:29 am

    Brandon Shaffer seems to be competing with Sal Pace to see who can have the highest body fat content. Sal has always been fat but Shaffer was a State tennis champ. Who will finish the race heavier?
    Neither will end the race in Congress.
    The question is not a misspelled word. The question is how much money have they raised with their missives?


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