Guest Commentary: Buyers Remorse on Obama

August 29, 2012

SILVERMAN: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I feel deceived and let down by Barack Obama.

I support Mitt Romney for President and Paul Ryan  for Vice-President.  For most of my life,  I have been a Democrat and I very publicly voted (live C-Span, live radio, NY Times)  for Obama-Biden in 2008.  As I studied  Obama’s performance as President, I could no longer support him.

That was not ideal for the longevity of award  winning drive time Caplis and Silverman radio show broadcast on Denver’s KHOW 630-AM for eight years.  Our radio show was somewhat premised as a  left v. right dialogue.  Management pulled the plug on the show about six weeks ago. So be it.

I have another career and plenty to do.  I am a small business owner (Silverman and Olivas, P.C.), and a  Denver trial lawyer who is a proud member of the Colorado Trial Lawyers  Association.  My social policies are  libertarian.   I am a fourth generation Jewish Denverite who graduated from Denver’s George Washington H.S., Colorado College  and the University of Colorado School of Law.

Some of the groups of which I am a constituent may  be displeased with my endorsement, but so be that too.  This is not a close choice for me and if you  are paying attention, it should not be a tough choice for you either.  I am enormously disappointed in President Obama and his administration.

The economy remains bad.  The debt bomb keeps growing.  Iran is on the verge of having nukes.  The power of the Muslim Brotherhood and  Islamism is expanding rapidly.  Our Justice Department is full of politics and political correctness.  Fast and Furious is a disgrace.  AG Eric  Holder needs to go.

I want leadership in the White House.  I want a government with a budget that makes  sense.  I do not want problems  perpetually kicked down the road.  I want major legislation to be debated in the public, and not rammed down our throats  without even being read by anyone other than the special interests who wrote it.

I want a leader to stand up against sharia law and jihad – and to make clear how antithetical these concepts are to the American way.  I thought Barack Obama was ideally situated to speak some necessary truths to the Islamic world.  But this President has not, and he will not in  a second term.  The world is teetering on  the brink as a result.  We need some  Reagan-like truth telling about repressive systems of government and ideologies which are evil.

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  I feel deceived and let down by Barack Obama.  His autobiography turns out to contain a lot of fiction.  What does it tell you about a man and his campaign when the truth is repeatedly distorted around an issue as solemn as cancer?

Barack Obama ran as a positive bipartisan person.  Now, he is so negative and partisan.  Obama claimed he could work with the other side, but he is way too far over to the left.  This President is a super big spender and we simply cannot afford that any more

If we re-elect Obama, we get the same big spending, dysfunctional government.  This is no time for that.  Mitt Romney worked well with Democrats in Massachusetts.  Some  people put down Mitt Romney as a Massachusetts moderate, but that works for me.  I expect it will work better for America.

Vice President Biden played the race card in Roanoke, Virginia and every decent person knows that.  The divide and conquer strategy disgusts me.  It scares me to have Joe Biden one heartbeat from the Presidency.  Paul  Ryan is so much smarter and better.  Paul  Ryan is a serious and decent man who represents a new generation.

I disagree with Romney and Ryan on some social  issues, but there are other, more pressing problems and priorities for America  and the free world right now.

I urge other people who voted for Barack Obama in  2008 to make a change in 2012.

This item first appeared in A Line of Sight, a blog that presents informed commentary on issues ranging from education to foreign policy, and energy to politics.

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One Response to Guest Commentary: Buyers Remorse on Obama

  1. George Rinard
    September 14, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    Craig, I did not vote for Obama. I am old enough to remember what the country went through with FDR and he is Obama’s idea of the best president we ever had. Obama has copied FDR’s fiscal policies, which nearly bankrupted the country then. I can understand that there are some people who like getting things at taxpayer’s expense. I can only hope that there are not enough to reelect Obama. I have some advice for those people. If you want to keep getting freebies, you should vote for Romney. Why? Because all politicians are going to give you free stuff; it is their source of power over you. Romney will give you free stuff too; he will have to to stay in the White House. The difference between Romney and Obama is that Romney knows where the tax money for the free stuff comes from, Obama doesn’t. Romney is a businessman; he knows how to manage money and how to encourage the private sector to create more wealth. This will lead to more jobs and more income tax to buy your ‘free things’. Obama does not know how to do this and will keep borrowing until lenders say no more and demand payment. When that happens, no more free stuff and no more America as you have known it.


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