New Ad Targets Obama Economic Record

August 14, 2012

The commercial will begin airing next week in swing states, including Colorado

WASHINGTON — Restore Our Future, a pro-Romney super PAC, will air a new ad in Colorado that attacks President Obama’s handling of the economy.

The 30-second spot, “Another Month,” depicts Obama as an inept steward of the economy whose explanations for the nation’s rising jobless rate are self serving.

“Another month. Even MORE Americans jobless,” says a female announcer, who then asks the first of a series of rhetorical questions. “If you had President Obama’s record, what would YOU do?” The ad intersperses between the announcer’s questions and clips of Obama’s statements on the economy.

Spokespeople for the Democratic National Committee and Colorado Democratic Party did not respond to calls about the ad.

The nation’s unemployment rate rose to 8.3 percent in July. Although the figure is down from a high of 10.0 percent in October 2009, it was 8.1 percent in April.

The commercial will air tomorrow through next Tuesday and run statewide, said spokesperson Brittany Gross, who declined to specify the markets where it will run. The ad will run in 10 other swing states — Nevada, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire, and Virginia.

You can watch the ad here.

Last month, national political analyst Charlie Cook attributed Romney’s relatively low favorability ratings to the tone of commercials run on his behalf. “In my judgment, Romney’s poor numbers go back to campaign’s obsession with talking only about the economy and not attempting to define who Romney is as a person, as a way to build trust and strong personal feeling toward their candidate,” Cook wrote.

Romney’s unfavorability ratings are slightly higher than those of Obama, according to Real Clear Politics average of national polls. The former Massachusetts governor had an unfavorable rating of 45.4, while the president had an unfavorability score of 45.5.

Yet Cook’s thesis is not universally shared among neutral political observers.

“Republicans are trying to focus on President Obama’s economic record and want this election to be a referendum on it,” he said. “If Republicans get into a popularity contest with the President, they would lose,” said  Nathan O. Gonzales, deputy editor of the Rothenberg Political Report.

Gonzalez noted that the Romney camp has run ads that cast the presumptive nominee in a positive light, such as a recent spot in which former Olympians praised Romney for turning around the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City as head of its organizing committee.

For its part, the Obama camp attracted criticism last week for airing a commercial in which a former steelworker said that Romney’s former equity firm Bain Capital  bought out his company and his wife subsequently died of cancer after he lost his health care insurance.  The Obama super PAC ad does not mention that Soptic’s wife died five years after the plant closed, according to media reports.

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