Our View: Left Sidesteps Same-Sex Union Issue in New Ad Campaign

August 16, 2012

SCARED? ProgressNow seems to have concluded that blasting Republicans for their opposition to same-sex unions may backfire

For months, liberals have been grousing about how Colorado House Republicans shut down the 2012 legislative session before a bill to legalize same-sex civil unions could reach the floor for a vote.

On Wednesday, it was payback time. At a Capitol Hill press conference, a coalition led by ProgressNow-Colorado announced the launch of a statewide radio ad campaign targeting legislative Republicans for allegedly thwarting the will of the people.

“They thought we wouldn’t notice. That we wouldn’t remember. Frankly, they hoped we weren’t paying attention,” a male announcer intones ominously. “Earlier this year Republican leadership recklessly shut down the legislature and stopped working, refusing even to debate more than 30 important bills.”

What bills? “[M]easures that would have lowered taxes on small businesses, would have improved public safety, and would have invested in water projects critical to Colorado farmers and Colorado jobs,” says the ad.

Anything else? Well, there’s the usual boilerplate about Republicans protecting right-wing special interests, etc., but conspicuously absent from the 30-second spot is any mention of the controverisial same-sex unions bill.

That bill, as you’ll recall, was the rallying cry for Democratic legislators, the centerpiece of the special session called by Gov. John Hickenlooper, the darling of the liberal media, and opposed only by the so-called knuckle-draggers of the Republican Party’s caveman brigade.

So why doesn’t the radio ad trumpet civil unions? Heck, why aren’t civil unions even mentioned? Could it be that even the true believers at ProgressNow realize that the blasting Republicans for their opposition to civil unions may not have the desired effect on the electorate? That voters may see that as insufficient reason to throw the bums out?

“Civil unions is a critical bill, but we are talking broadly about the very large number of bills that were left on the calendar,” said ProgressNow-Colorado executive director Joanne Schwartz told The Denver Post.

Right. Because there’s nothing that animates the urban elites at ProgressNow like a rural water project.

If Democrats manage to flip just one state House seat, civil unions will almost certainly become a reality in Colorado. It would be refreshing to see a ProgressNow ad campaign that levels with the voters, instead of trying to convince them that Republicans somehow oppose lower taxes on small business.

That ProgressNow and the left are now shying away from engaging the electorate on same-sex unions mere months after demanding a special session on the issue is the best indication yet that maybe House Speaker Frank McNulty and the rest of those rascally House Republicans knew what they were doing, after all.

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