Our View: Longing for Smoke Filled Rooms

August 23, 2012

BAIT AND SWITCH? Jared Wright has decided to go forward with his campaign

We can’t help but draw an unfortunate parallel between the sordid affairs playing out in Missouri – and Fruita — Republican politics.

In the Show Me State, GOP Senate nominee and current Congressman Todd Akin is fighting off calls from the likes of Mitt Romney, Roy Blunt and Jim Talent to step aside given his head-scratching comments about “legitimate rape.” 

As emboldened as ever, Akin has decided to cling to his party’s nomination like grim death.

Here at home, the GOP nominee for State House District 54 in Mesa County, Jared Wright, has decided that he will not let issues that became public after he secured the party’s nomination deter his campaign — even if those issues include being dismissed from his job in law enforcement for lying, filing for bankruptcy before the age of 30, or racking up $70,000+ in consumer debt (what 30 year old can do without a Mini Cooper, a Prius, a ’67 Camaro, a 1 year tanning membership and a designer watch?).

Our suspicion is that if delegates to the State House District 54 assembly had known about these issues prior to voting, the apex of Mr. Wright’s political advocacy would have been running former State Representative Matt Smith’s failed campaigns for Congress and the State Senate.

While there are obvious differences between the Akin and Wright situations, both underscore the toxicity of narcissism when combined with desperation, and living in an echo chamber.

If either candidate cared about the bigger picture and the importance of showing up to office with the ability to govern, they would surely reassess their entrenched positions.  However, both seem to have decided that they’ve made it this far so it doesn’t really matter how their antics impact others.

Understanding that our words likely will not have much impact on either campaign, we doubt we are alone in longing for the days when political party bosses were relevant enough to intercede and provide some sorely needed adult supervision.

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