Perlmutter Under Fire for “Akin Moment”

August 24, 2012

This isn’t the first time that Perlmutter has come under fire for a 2001 sex crimes vote

DENVER—In the aftermath of Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments, the last thing any congressman wants exposed is a previous vote against a bill to remove the 10-year statute of limitations for most sexual assault crimes, including rape, when DNA evidence implicates a suspect.  Unfortunately for Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter, that’s exactly what happened this week.

As a state senator in 2001, Perlmutter was one of only three members of the Colorado General Assembly to vote against a House bill that eliminated the stature of limitations on sexual assault when DNA evidence was available.

“Ed Perlmutter is officially Colorado’s version of Todd Akin,” T. Q. Houlton, president of Compass Colorado, said. “This reckless disregard for rape victims is reprehensible and offensive to every Coloradan.”

And this isn’t the first time that the vote has come back to haunt the seventh congressional district representative.

When Perlmutter first sought the Democratic nomination in 2006, his chief opponent, former Colorado State Representative Peggy Lamm, ran several attack ads blasting him for the vote.

“I really can’t comprehend how Ed Perlmutter could cast such an indefensible vote,” Lamm said in a 2006 statement. “Ed needs to explain how he could possibly oppose using DNA evidence to solve sexual assault crimes that have gone unpunished.”

Perlmutter allies defended his vote, arguing that the bill was unconstitutional. Perlmutter is currently running for reelection against popular Republican candidate Joe Coors.

A recent poll put out by the Coors campaign has the GOP challenger leading by a 45% to 36% margin.

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