Sparse Attendance at DougCo School Board Protest

August 27, 2012

LAST MAN STANDING? A lone protestor pickets the Douglas County School Board last week (Colorado MediaTrackers Image)

CASTLE ROCK – A group of no more than eight protesters picketed the front of the administration building in Castle Rock last week to rally against the Douglas County Board of Education’s latest dealings with the local teachers’ union.

The Board, which is now considering a ballot initiative to dissolve all union ties going forward, recently dissolved its collective bargaining agreement with the teachers’ union after the two sides were unable to agree on the terms of a contract renewal.

At around 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, a lone protester paced the block in front of the Castle Rock administration building, holding a sign that attempted to pit the county board against the local community.

A picture of the protester was posted on Twitter from the account of Parent LED Reform, sparking a comment from a union-supporter who claimed the picture could not have been from the planned rally last week. The same protest supporter confirmed that the picture of the lonely protester was indeed from the planned protest.

Local American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Brenda Smith and Vice President Courtney Smith more than doubled the size of the rally when they arrived to support the existing protesters around noon. Some of the signs presented by the protesters read “Give us back our CBA” and “Dr. Fagan, your mother called and wants her district back.”

The picket ended with a total of eight attendees.

On Tuesday, the Douglas County school district proposed several ideas for a ballot measure to limit union influence going forward:

  1. Should the district be prohibited from engaging in collective bargaining with the union?
  2. Should the district be prohibited from using public funding for the compensation of union leaders?
  3. Should the district be prohibited from collecting union dues from employee paychecks on the union’s behalf?

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