From the Cheap Seats: Global Warming a No Show at DNC

September 7, 2012

Much to Al Gore’s dismay, we’re sure, the issue of “climate change” appears to have evaporated at this years DNC

Well, it’s finally over. The Democrats have completed their convention in Charlotte, N.C., and oh, what a gathering it was!

Remember the triumph, remember the greatness. Such as when the party that promised it would lead the world back from the brink of global catastrophe by saving the earth from its fever. And what a stirring address from the champion of the issue, Al Gore.

Oh wait, Gore wasn’t there? Maybe he didn’t have enough carbon credits to fly cross-country in a gas-guzzling jet.  But not to worry, we’re sure the Dems could be counted on to keep climate change on the front burner (so to speak.)

Wait a minute.  What’s this? Only two mentions of climate change by the party that put the hot air into global warming. Must have been an oversight.

There was that moment, though, when everything crystallized, it all made sense, that second of absolute truth,  such as when Elizabeth Warren declared that the system indeed is rigged against regular folk.

Never mind, of course, that chief among the system riggers is Warren herself, the original Faux-cahantas.  Yes, people who manufacture family histories that place them among the Cherokees in order to gain career advantages are probably among system riggers, so maybe that moment  wasn’t as cool as it first seemed.

Oh but then there was the president himself, the guy who said his arrival on the scene would be remembered as the time that the oceans’ rise would reverse and the globe would cool.

But wait? What was this? No stadium appearance? No Greek columns?

Whaddya mean he spoke inside? He was scared of a couple rain clouds?  Clouds that didn’t even bother to show up? What were they, senators fearing a budget vote?

How does that work anyway?  Maybe Romney has a point. Maybe Obama doesn’t work.

But, oh, what a convention it was. Charlotte will never be the same.  But Cheap Seats is sure the town will be better off now that the Dems have gone home.

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