From the Cheap Seats: Greens Sue to Stop Solar Power

September 4, 2012

The green lobby is now opposing — get this — solar development in six southwestern states

Ever wondered if enviros really just wanted to be sure that The Earth was protected from being defaced by energy development when they cut down a forest to file briefs to stop hydraulic fracturing, uranium mining, oil drilling and coal mining?

Generally, their schtick includes something  about how we ought to shun conventional energy development in favor of “renewable resources,” i.e., the power allegedly produced by government subsidized wind turbines and Solyndra and Abound produced solar panels because, you see, that sort of “natural” power will somehow preserve the world as we know it.

The cynics here at Cheap Seats have long suspected that their real goal was just to make sure that nothing gets built anywhere at any time, ever.

Last week we came across more shovel-ready evidence to support our theory that the “environmental” movement is actually just an anti-progress movement.

That’s because the green lobby is now opposing — get this — solar development in six southwestern states.

Yep, the feds are required to conduct what is known as a programmatic environmental impact statement, a sort of grand overview of what might possibly go wrong if a development, such as a solar array in the most desolate part of, say, New Mexico or Colorado, might inconvenience a jackrabbit or jumping mouse or be problematic for a  cactus.

Given the picture that the green lobby try to portray, one would think “Big Oil” would be lining up to protest to solar development in the Sunbelt – right behind the suits at the nuclear power industry counting down to, well, nuke the plan.

Not so, it turns out.

Who lined up to oppose solar development?  Why, a gaggle of environmental groups who constantly preach the importance of renewable energy, unless, of course, it looks as though there might actually be some.

Apparently the desert tortoise, sage grouse and lack of distributed generation and any number of whines and moans and general complaints all exercise a veto over solar development.

Now enviro types all will say they’re just looking out for The Earth, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that nothing ever will be good enough to allow actual development.

The only question that’s unknown here is when the solar industry will figure out that its “allies” in the environmental movement are uninterested in actual development of a solar-power industry.

That would undermine the point of the movement, after all.

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