From the Cheap Seats: The School Lunch Famine

September 26, 2012

SO HUNGRY: When students take the time to act in a video about how they’re hungry, perhaps it’s time to declare Michelle Obama’s recipe as unfit for human consumption.

No one pays much attention to Mrs. Josef Stalin, but she apparently made an impression deemed worthy of emulation in the minds of the Obama administration, one part of it in particular.

We speak, of course, of her administration of the food program in Ukraine.

The Soviet government-imposed famine killed millions, but, as some ardent supporters of the expanded nanny state might point out, “Hey, obesity rates were, like, totally the lowest ever.”

Now Cheap Seats isn’t suggesting that the Hunger-Free Kids Act championed by Michelle “Hell no I don’t miss my meals” Obama is the equivalent of the Ukraine starvation.  Except maybe in rhetorical terms.

Stalin spoke of breaking eggs to make omelettes. Michelle Obama calls slashing calorie and content from meals an effort to make students “hunger free.”

Really, who is kidding whom here?

When a publication as well known as BovineVetOnline (Yes, there is such a thing and we’re told it’s all the rage in ranches across the West) takes note then perhaps there is more to the comparison than you might think.

If nothing else, it serves as yet another damning indictment of central planning as dreamed up by Stalin and being honed today by the Obama administration.

When student athletes – basketball players, no less -  take the time to act in a video about how they’re hungry and the thing that drives them to it is the “Hunger-free kids” business, then perhaps it’s time to declare Michelle Obama’s recipe for health as simply unfit for human consumption.

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