Our View: Hitting the Lynx at CU-Denver

September 26, 2012

NEW MASCOT: We’re a bit nervous to ask the University of Colorado what they spent exploring and implementing this project.  In some ways, we don’t even want to know

As Governor John Hickenlooper and his sex star Lieutenant Governor continue their crusade to “educate” the public about the overwhelming need for a tax increase in Colorado, we can’t help but point out examples of why average voters from Sterling to Silverton are fed up with the senseless burning of resources at state funded institutions.

Exhibit A comes to us from our friends at the University of Colorado Denver campus.  Confronted with the (identity) crisis stemming from the lack of its own mascot, the students, faculty, administration and alumni all banded together to select something distinctly different than ol’ Ralphie the Boulder Buffalo.

After all, how could students attending CU Denver in the shadow of another university on the same campus have their own identity without a distinctive mascot – such as a lynx?

We’re a bit nervous to ask the University of Colorado what was spent exploring and implementing this project.  In some ways, we don’t even want to know. However, we would like to know if it ever occurred to anyone in the ivory tower of UCD that the only other animal less popular in Colorado than the Lynx is the Preble’s Jumping Mouse.

Indeed, it may seem like eons ago that the State of Colorado was fighting with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about these animals and the need to halt any and all multiple use of public and private lands anywhere within the shadow of an area they might want to walk.  Without forest plans, pipeline routes, ski area expansions, highway expansions and high end housing developments dominating the headlines (thanks to the sputtering Obama economy), it’s easy to forget the damage caused by the federal government in the West, all in the name of preventing impacts to these animals – both real and imagined.

Unfortunately for Hickenlooper, Garcia and the rest of their “To Be Determined” friends, mindless, out-of-touch decisions like this one are made within state agencies all the time.

Unless and until those chosen to govern actually take time to do so, voters around Colorado will keep shaking their heads in astonishment every time they hear about important state projects - like the creation of the UC Denver Lynx.

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