Our View: Let them Eat Beer

September 19, 2012

HAYDEN? NEVER HEARD OF IT: An artists rendering of a proposed casino in Hayden. Lt. Governor Joe Garcia summarily dismissed the idea, reportedly after admitting that he had no idea where Hayden was

While we were quite surprised to see the Hickenlooper-Garcia administration take an actual stance on an issue this week, we can’t help but think of Marie Antoinette when reading in the Steamboat Pilot & Today that, in a recent meeting in Denver, Colorado Lt. Governor Joe Garcia informed a group of businessmen that they will not have the support of the Hickenlooper administration if they move forward with plans to construct an off-reservation casino in Routt County near Hayden.

Haven’t ever heard of Hayden?  Well, that puts you in good company with the Lt. Governor of Colorado who, apparently, hasn’t ever needed to get outside of the Denver to Pueblo corridor to further his long career working for state government.

According to those present in the meeting, Garcia admitted to not knowing where Hayden was – before declaring that the entrepreneur’s idea has no support on the first floor of the State Capitol in Denver.

Beyond media reports, we don’t know much about the proposal to construct a casino in Routt County.  What we do know is that the Obama-Hickenlooper war on coal has left communities outside the magical world of John Hickenlooper’s Denver scrambling to find ways to diversify their economies.  As one of Colorado’s largest coal-producing counties, Routt County could use a bit of economic diversification if you ask us.

It’s no secret that we’ve leveled harsh criticism at John Hickenlooper and Joe Garcia for running a Denver-centric state government since taking the reins in 2011.  And wholesale dismissals of ideas proposed by entrepreneurs out in the hinterlands of Colorado will do nothing but reinforce that perception.

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