Our View: The Values That Bind Us

September 7, 2012

THE PARTY OF JFK?  As Americans watched this week, DNC bigwigs proclaimed that the only thing we all have in common is “government”

In a day and age when e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and, heck, even telephones dominate the landscape, people can be forgiven for wondering why major political parties still go through the trouble of putting on multi-million dollar conventions.  

After all, the things have become so predictable and scripted that the world seems to stop when things go astray from the script on the teleprompter.

Aside from the need to actually nominate candidates for president and vice-president, the value of these (sometimes overly) produced conventions is that every once in a while they give a window in to the true thinking and core beliefs of the parties – from rank-and-file types all the way up to those holding national elected office.

Such was the case at the beginning of the Democratic National Convention when, as part of their kick off, the central theme of one of their videos designed to fire up the convention delegates proclaimed that the only thing that binds Americans together is, wait for it — government.

Really?  Government?

Not freedom?  Not faith?   Not economic opportunity?

Government? That’s what the Democratic Party believes is the bond that holds all Americans together these days?

Has the party of Andrew Jackson, John F. Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt really fallen that far?

What truly binds Americans together isn’t our vast bureaucracy, government handouts, or the oceans of red ink those handouts generate each year.

What makes us all Americans is the ideas embodied in the Constitution and a core set of beliefs that today’s Democratic Party seems to find increasingly antiquated.  You know, those timeless classics like liberty, justice, and self-determination – the values that our soldiers fight for, and that have drawn immigrants to our shores for more than two centuries.

It is those core tenets that make up the glue that binds this incredible country together — not the creaky institutions of Mr. Obama’s bloated and unsustainable welfare state.

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