Democrats Pack Up Early-voting Pizza Party after Complaint

October 24, 2012

PIZZA FOR VOTES: A photo of the scene in Larimer County from Monday. An Obama banner is clearly visible outside the polling location

DENVER–A Larimer County official busted up the polling-place pizza party Tuesday after a complaint filed by the Colorado Republican Party.

Democrats moved their Obama “2012″ banner and other signage after Larimer County Clerk Scott Doyle told them that they were too close to the Colorado State University early-voting site.

State law bans political or campaign signs within 100 feet of polling places.

Doyle also informed them that they needed to stop offering free T-shirts and pizza to voters, another violation of Colorado law.

“He spoke with the folks over there about their sign,” said Angela Myers, Larimer County business operations coordinator. “He explained it was probably a legal problem with the T-shirts and pizza, and they immediately pulled everything back.”

Myers said that the Democrats cooperated fully, adding, “They were very respectful.”

Colorado Republican Party chair Ryan Call filed a complaint Monday with the Larimer County Clerk and Recorder and released photos showing signs promoting President Obama and advertising free pizza and T-shirts outside the early-voting site at the Lory Student Center.

When Republicans informed the on-site elections judge about the infractions, they said they were told that the Democrats were in a “free-speech zone” and that “free speech trumps poll rules.”

Colorado Democratic Party spokesman Matt Inzeo issued a statement to KCNC-TV in Denver calling the charges “frivolous.”

“This is a hypocritical charge,” said Inzeo. “[T]he party that has spent over half a million dollars on a firm accused of voter fraud across the country should join us in encouraging people to vote instead of making frivolous complaints.”

Call had asked the Larimer County Clerk to address the violations by the end of business Tuesday.

“We understand Democrats are going to have a tough time convincing younger voters to turn out and vote after four years of exploding debt and shrinking employment opportunities, however, any electioneering they do must be conducted within the bounds of the law,” said Colorado Republican Party spokesman Justin Miller. “We’re glad they’ve decided to play by the rules.”

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3 Responses to Democrats Pack Up Early-voting Pizza Party after Complaint

  1. charles
    October 25, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Hre in the deep south its normal for vodka dn free chicken and thousands of dollars spent under the table to by absentee votes and its been going on since i can remember back to 1970.Its the norm here –you run for office as a Democrat and you buy the votes or you never win.


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