From the Cheap Seats: Biden Puts the “Irk” in Smirk

October 12, 2012

No amount of smirks, eye rolls and less-than-subtle guffaws can paper over the last four years of incompetence

Vice President Joseph Biden, who put the “irk” in smirk on Thursday night, much to the delight of hard-core Democrats everywhere, might have scored points with the base, but the smart money in the Cheap Seats says the veepster came in the same place he did four years ago – second.

True, Biden found the magic number that eluded his boss – 47 percent – and he used it in 47 percent of his debate with with Paul Ryan. It was probably too much.

But it’s a hallmark of the Obama-Biden approach – find a losing issue and beat voters over the head with it.

Moderator Martha Raddatz, friend of the Obamas, came through for her old pals, asking Biden about the debacle in Libya, ” “Wasn’t this a massive intelligence failure, Mr. Biden?”

Actually not, Martha. Unless we define “intelligence failure” as the inability or refusal of President Obama and his loyal sidekick  to respond when an ambassador who had begged for additional security fell under a complex, well-planned and devastating attack.

Even now, a poor sap is rotting away behind bars for the crime of exercising his right of free speech, for which he was sacrificed on the altar of global political correctness – and Obama’s ambitions.

No amount of smirks, eye rolls and less-than-subtle guffaws can paper over the incompetence of Obama and Biden’s handling of Libya, but in Biden’s case on Thursday, they accentuated it.

Thin-skinned, finger-pointing and bitter, the veepster typified exactly the kind of criticism that has been leveled at the president.

Someone more self-aware might have realized that proving critics right is not a winning strategy.

Word to the veep – you might want to pick up a copy of Conde Nast for all the travel you’ll be doing on your own dime. Maybe you should leave the Conde Scend at home.

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