From the Cheap Seats: Global Warming? Not Since 1997…

October 15, 2012

New data suggests that global temperatures haven’t risen since 1997, which is good news for snowmen everywhere

Don’t tell the climate “experts” at CU and Penn State, but the kids at the University of East Anglia have jumped ship.  Yes, it’s now official. When it comes to global warming for the last 16 years, it ain’t the heat, it’s the vapidity.

The University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom, also known as the University of Easy A, oh-so quietly released data showing that global temperatures haven’t risen since early 1997.

Let’s make sure that context is in order.

1997 preceded the advent of horizontal drilling and the hydraulic fracturing that set the stage for the natural gas revolution that is continuing even today.

Natural gas is only now, supposedly, resulting in a reduction in the alleged greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere.  So, no, no, not even in the make-believe world of the hide-the-decline boys Phil Jones and Michael Mann can a stable global temperature be attributed to something that hadn’t happened yet.

Jones, he of the University of Easy A, said 16 years was too few years to reach a conclusion.

It might be helpful to imagine the shoe-on-the-other foot argument, then.  Honestly, does anyone seriously doubt that 16 days of heat wouldn’t set Jones onto a rant about the ravages of global warming?  No really? Anyone? Anyone at all?

Let’s be sure about something else, too. The flat temps of the last 16 years, compiled from more than 3,000 thermometers scattered around the work on earth and ocean, come in the face of growing economies in China and India, which think nothing of firing coal to generate electricity.  And coal, we’re constantly being told, is a gigantic greenhouse gas pump.

Not so much, it seems, with this new data.

There is something disturbing about this new finding, specifically the way it was released. By putting it out beneath the radar as it were, obviously in hopes it would pass unnoticed, “Big AGW,” as we should call it, undermined the precepts of scientific inquiry, which has to call into question everything else Big AGW claims to have discovered.

Could it be that for Big AGW, the thing that’s important isn’t the silver lining, just the silver?

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