From the Cheap Seats: Obama Debate Effort a Disappointment, Even for Left

October 8, 2012

Obama’s debate performance was a microcosm of his presidency: He doesn’t compromise with his opposition, he doesn’t negotiate, he doesn’t show up

Oh, the heresy.  A  New Yorker cover sans an homage to President Obama?

Even worse, it had that tool Mitt Romney depicted in reasonable fashion, statesmanlike, even.

And the chair? The empty chair? Does no one at the New Yorker not know that that Eastwood fellow is from, sheesh, California? He’s a nut. What gives?

Well, what won’t give is the slavish slobbering over the Obama disaster of the last four years. Trust the Cheap Seats, The New Yorkerconsiders its cover next week as no more than a gentle nudge to a momentarily distracted demigod.

At the next opportunity, this venerable publication will no doubt be pouring chocolate syrup over this foul last four years and trying to convince us its a sundae. With a cherry on top.Don’t underestimate the rabid left’s ability to delude itself.  Exhibit A is the nation’s very own former veep, one Al Gore, who traced President Obama’s poor performance to Denver’s altitude. Leave it to the likes of Gore to fail to understand the difference between “altitude” and “elevation.”

Either way, he misses the point.

Obama’s poor showing wasn’t related to “altitude,” it was the result of attitude.

What’s no secret is that the Obama who didn’t show up on Wednesday is the same one who hasn’t shown up for the last four years.

Obama’s performance, or lack thereof, was a microcosm of his job performance for the last four years.  He doesn’t compromise with his opposition, he doesn’t negotiate, he doesn’t show up.

That’s why the New Yorker cover is so unintentionally revealing about the mentality of his supplicants. In seeking to nudge Obama, they’ve defined him and they don’t even know it.

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