From the Cheap Seats: School Districts Take on….Cheetos?

October 19, 2012

CHESTER THE PUSHER? Some school districts have proposed a ban on Cheetos for being “addictive.” But Chester has so far avoided being added to the FBI’s most wanted list

So Chester the Cheetos Cheetah is now a pusher?  Evidently so.

It seems that school districts in California and New Mexico are working to ban Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for lack of nutritional value.

Cheap Seats holds no brief for one variety of Cheetos over another, though we will observe, after licking that orange stuff off our fingertips – and keyboard – that perhaps the the education folks might have their priorities misplaced.

Instead of worrying about the nutritional content of snacks, would they be better served to worry about the educational content of their offerings? We’re talking to you, DPS and your goofball attacks on the “dominant culture” that pays your bills. And keeps you in Cheetos, by the way.

And how about the educators more interested in union organizing than teaching lessons, grading papers and so on. Well done, Dougco, by the way.

Maybe we’re attacking this whole school quality issue the wrong way.

Maybe every district should have an educational content rating, just like the Cheetos people have to supply. Be interesting to see how they list their math, English and reading contents as a percent of recommended daily requirements.

Our guess, they’d rate pretty close to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, which we can now say are pretty darned good.

And crunchy, which is more than we can say for the soft curricula our “educators” too often offer.

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