Guest Commentary: Who Loves You Baby?

October 1, 2012

FEELING OUR PAIN: Can we believe Barack Obama when he tells us how much he cares about us ordinary folks?

Political gurus tell us the candidate the voters find the most “empathetic”, “likable” and “caring” nearly always wins. This explains why, with the Middle East in flames, the economy a disaster, and suffering Americans waiting to hear if their taxes will explode upwards, the president goes on Letterman and the View to bolster his schmoozability ratings. And it’s working.

A recent ABC News survey found that when asked which contender would make a more “loyal friend” and “stick with them through trying times,” respondents chose Barack Obama over Mitt Romney by a 50-36 percent margin.

But The Washington Examiner has published a lengthy report that reveals Obama’s sympathetic mystique clashes dramatically with reality. In his 1995 “Dreams from My Father,” Obama said he became a Chicago “civil rights lawyer” because “to lend meaning to a community’s suffering and take part in its healing — that required something more.” Not really. The Examiner found he spent much of his time working on cases that hurt the poor, such as defending a south side slumlord and powerful political ally. His client, a preacher named Bishop Arthur Brazier, had kicked poor people out of his crumbling apartment building in Chicago’s brutal 11 degree-below-zero weather, after denying them heat and water for a month.

With Obama’s legal help, the slumlord’s company ended up paying only $50 in fines. According to The Examiner, the future president aided Brazier and others with “a flood of public and nonprofit federal and state tax credits and funding for low-income-housing projects that would enrich developers and empower ambitious politicians like Obama, at the expense of taxpayers and, especially, the poor.”

When Obama ran for office in Illinois, the good Bishop became a powerful booster. Today, as president he continues to prove himself a BFF to his own carefully chosen pal-ocracy. The 369,000 Americans who dropped out of the workforce in August may not feel that Obama is sticking with them, but those who benefited from the government spending windfall of the $800 billion stimulus passed by the 2009 Democratic Congress (“American Recovery and Reinvestment Act”) certainly do. That “jobs” money largely went to the president’s Democratic union base – the construction workers, state government employees and teachers who felt the love in a paycheck when millions more not blessed by the president’s special friendship were losing theirs.

Barack has also been a very loyal friend to his big campaign donors. He’s shown how much he appreciates them by showering them with a generous chunk of the $80 billion that was supposed to stimulate “green energy jobs.”  One was good friend and Colorado Democrat billionairess Pat Stryker who raised over $2.2 million for Democrats in the last few elections and whose company, Abound Solar, just happened to receive a $400 million loan from the Department of Energy.  Abound Solar went bankrupt after Solyndra did. The Obama DOE then lavished $737 million on Tonopah Solar, where Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in- law just happens to be a major player – for 45 permanent jobs –that’s $16.3 million per job. Of course, Nancy and Barack are very close.

And there are lots more examples of how good Obama is to his greenie friends.

Can we believe Barack Obama when he tells us how much he cares about us ordinary folks? Fool me once…

Joy Overbeck is a journalist and author who also writes at , and her quirky God website,  Her column originally appeared here.

Read her magazine articles at  Twitter: joyoverbeck1

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2 Responses to Guest Commentary: Who Loves You Baby?

  1. October 2, 2012 at 12:37 am

    People should print this and make 100 copies and take it out and put in on cars in parking lots. Maybe somebody would actually read it and be very impacted by what their beloved president does. Or not!

    • October 13, 2012 at 3:10 pm

      Thanks Aniee, love your idea — except maybe we need more like 100 million copies –!


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