Past Incidents Haunt Hudak in Campaign Homestretch

October 24, 2012

SIGNGATE? Hudak, then running for an Arvada State House seat, reportedly got into a heated argument with 14-year-old girl over a yard sign

DENVER – The past of State Senator Evie Hudak (D-Arvada) may be coming back to haunt her in the final weeks of the election.

Numerous incidents from Senator Hudak’s past have come to light during the election homestretch, including a police complaint from an argument the first-term Democrat had with a 14-year-old girl over yard signs in a previous race, and video of Hudak saying Coloradans aren’t taxed enough.

Former Top Gun instructor Lang Sias, a Republican, is challenging Hudak in Jefferson County-based Senate District 19.

The yard sign fiasco relates to an incident in 1994 where Hudak, then running for an Arvada State House seat, got into a heated argument with 14-year-old girl over the fact that the girl’s mother replaced a Hudak yard sign with one of Hudak’s opponents.

Hudak had reportedly been driving through the neighborhood when she noticed the home of Joan and Rocky Germano had a yard sign for her opponent, Independent Joann Conte, where hers had previously been. Frustrated, Hudak pulled over feeling the need to inquire why the sign had been changed, she told The Denver Post at the time.

Confronting the Germano’s teenage daughter, Hudak demanded to speak with her parents. The girl told Hudak her parents weren’t home, but according to the police report, Hudak heard the girl’s older sister and pushed her way past the girl and entered the Germano’s home.

Hudak denies ever entering the home, but the Germanos filed a police complaint for first degree criminal trespass.

What Hudak doesn’t deny is what happened next. According to the police report, Hudak “took the Conte sign down and replaced it with her own Hudak campaign sign. E. Hudak then left the area.”

Joan Germano asked police to inform Hudak she was not welcome any more at the Germano residence.

A Denver Post article at the time quotes a neighbor backing up the teenage girl’s version of events. Neighbor Lowell Gee was quoted as saying “[Hudak] raised her voice loud enough to attract my attention, and I was across the street. Afterward, I went over and talked to the daughter. She was upset. She felt like she had been attacked.”

Hudak was fearful of the police complaint getting out to the media, she told police. Police records note that she “stated that she was concerned about the report being filed and that she was concerned the media would have access to it. Officer Mayfield explained to E. Hudak that the report could be accessed by the public.”

Senator Hudak did not respond to a request for comment or clarification on the incident.

The second incident revolves around a video sent out by the Colorado Republican Party last week of Senator Hudak on Colorado Public TV saying that Coloradans are wrong in thinking they are overtaxed.

“People in Colorado have to stop thinking we’re taxed to death, because actually we’re not. It’s the opposite,” said Hudak.

Hudak has been one of the leading champions of higher taxes in the State Legislature. She supported a $3 billion tax hike known as Prop 103 in 2011 — which was ultimately defeated by a wide margin.

Hudak has also backed tax increases that haven’t been written yet. The website Revealing Politics posted video of Hudak earlier this year professing support for a local tax increase that had yet to be developed.

Senate District 19 is one of the most competitive in the state, and it is unclear how Hudak’s vociferous support for tax hikes or her previous run-in with the law will affect the outcome of the race.

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10 Responses to Past Incidents Haunt Hudak in Campaign Homestretch

  1. Concerned
    October 24, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    Sounds just like Evie

  2. Democrats are criminals
    October 26, 2012 at 9:00 am

    Where is the article in the Denver post??? Can’t find it on their site! Maybe they buried it, like they buried the fact that double the supporters came to Red Rocks for Mitt than those who went to City Park for Obama? Bias much Denver Post? Hudak is a criminal who assaults children and steals property when she doesn’t get her way! Take Jabba The Hut out of the Capitol! Vote her and the rest of these criminals out!

  3. burbanite
    March 8, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    Why haven’t the parents followed up with their complaint? If someone came into my house uninvited I would be pressing charges, especially as the children were assaulted.


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