From the Cheap Seats: As World Temperature Drops, UN Meets to Discuss Global Warming

November 26, 2012

Even though the climate alarmists have told us for years that the earth is warming, it is in fact cooling according to the alarmists’ own data

Let’s give David Copperfield his due. At least the illusionist keeps up the act.  The too-clever-by-half pranksters running the global-warming scam?  Not so much.

The sleight of hand is getting pretty ham-handed, as we see by the latest bit of news to come in from the Met Office in Britain, which is the main purveyor of global-warming rubbish.

But get this.  The Met let it be known that that the global temperature cooled in the last two years.

And that comes on the heels of the Met Office reporting that global temperatures have been stable for the past 15 years.

The boys at the Met, however, don’t want you to look at that fact, the one that says the earth is starting to chill, if ever so slightly.

So the diversion is this: Even though the climate alarmists said the earth would continue heating, it in fact is not, according to, yes, the alarmists.

So, as the United Nations climate conference begins today, the trick is on.

Cooling? What cooling? That’s the message from Peter Stott, the Met Office’s head of climate monitoring and attribution.

Global temperatures remain above the long-term average, says Stott.  Never mind the trend, which has been ever so important in whipping up alarm.

And when in doubt, muddy the waters.

So Stott points to the melting Arctic ice, never mind the expansion of the ice in Antarctica.

Oh and the “extreme weather,” such as superstorm Sandy.  Which apparently wasn’t a “natural storm”, you know, like Hurricane Hazel, which devastated the East Coast from Oct. 5 to 18, 1954.

Just watch the diversion from the Met Office, pay no attention to the facts.

At least David Copperfield only wants you to pay the price of admission and your willing suspension of disbelief.

The Met wants a lot more than the cost of admission, and couldn’t care less about suspension of disbelief. It’s out to impose order and won’t take no for an answer.

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